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Niqauo was founded by long standing friend and young entrepreneurs Aarien Uday Areti and Nikita Loginov. Both were born in the BRICS block and grew up in the UK. Aarien and Nikita were semi professional tennis players and ran successful businesses before co-founding the Niqauo. The idea of establishing an innovative product company triggered while playing tennis and they soon developed a Mobile Tennis Game. Niqauo is an Mobile Software product organisation that produces trendy based web and Mobile applications. Niqauo Products have patents and innovative features which can be bought and customised to respective business models.


Niqauo Currently owns Innovative web products and Mobile Apps, Niqauo Continues to develop more Innovative apps with their partner organisations like Regor soft. Niqauo Additionally provides a platform to young start-ups, individuals and enterprise to use ready made Clone code and enhance it based on own specific business model and requirements. Niqauo helps companies to turn inception idea to product with minimal effort and reduce time to market cycle.

Niqauo Innovative product Model

Have an Idea

If you have an idea but lack skills, plan, strategy and Money to develop a product, then Niqauo is the place.

Buy Niqauo Code

Niqauo provides ready made code which can be customisable according to your own requirements

Save development

Over the past clients have saved over 400 hours of development cost with our code

Strategiest Advice

All our On shore and off shore team provides innovative ideas and concept that give your product an X factor

Launch Product

Finally launch product with an expert help in hosting, payment,SEO, Digital marketing and all that matters for a fan fair launch


Mobile Application Development

Enterprise Application Development

Enterprise Application Integration

Niqauo has tied up with Partner Companies Like Regorsoft to enable a fast development model and deliver products with exceptional technical fucntion. Our outstanding partnership with technology companies allows Niqauo to function in all areas of software product developments and produce outstanding products.


Spot App

Top Cricket

Concept Art

Match shapes

Bomb Squad

Alies Curre

Cricket Multiplayer


We always look out for smart,talented and energetic people who can make a difference

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